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Sonoff-POW-R2 WiFi Switch with Power Consumption Measurement, release R2.


  • Zabbix is an open source solution of the enterprise class designed to monitoring of the computer systems, electronic devices and other devices which parameters are measurable.
  • Zabbix uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail notifications or OpenFire for virtually every event, allowing for a quick response to the problem. It is also possible to execute any scripts in response to an occurring event eg management of heaters, a furnace depending on the current temperature, etc.).
  • Zabbix offers excellent options for reporting and graphically presenting collected data. It allows you to use any graphic images as a background to visualize current measurements(eg room diagrams with marked control points) in real time.
  • Zabbix server management is available from the user interface based on the website. This user interface ensures that the network status and status of servers is available from anywhere where the Internet is available.
  • Zabbix is free and made available under the GPL General Public License version 2. This means that its source codes are distributed free and generally available.
  • Documentation: https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/4.0/manual.
  • In the attached file, in addition to the current firmware version, there is also a file sonoff_templates.xml, containing templates for sonoff devices, to be imported into the zabbix system.
  • Sample screen with current and power diagrams, controlled by Sonoff-Pow R2:

  • Sonoff-POW-R2

  • The Sonoff Pow R2 version software (in the version for the SUPLA server) has been modified for additional functionality consisting in sending information about its state to the specified Zabbix server. The Sonoff Pow R2 device transmits to the Zabbix server the current status of the relay (0-off or 1-on) and the current values of the measured voltage, current and power consumption (including the daily energy consumption in kWh). Data are sent every 15 minutes (0 and 15, 30, 45 minutes after each full hour - according to the implemented RTC clock), after each change of the relay state and after each significant change (> 10%) of the measured current or power parameter.
  • Note: The controller remembers partial values of daily energy consumption when the device is powered off. Thus, turning off and then turning on the Sonoff controller after a few days, will report on the first day of switching on the wrong daily energy consumption (it will take into account the values from the last day of the controller's work).
  • The Sonoff Pow R2 device, with the installed given software, is not a stand-alone device, it needs to be registered in the SUPLA system.

  • The Sonoff Pow R2 device uses a different measuring system (CSE7766) than the previous Sonoff Pow version (HLW8012). According to the CSE7766 datasheet, the measurement accuracy is ┬▒ 1% and the system does not require calibration. The CSE7766 chip communicates with the processor via the RS232 line, with a transmission speed of 4800. The processor Rx input (pin 25) is common for both the RS232 link for external communication and for the CSE7766 chip. Therefore, if we want to have, during normal operation, an external RS232 terminal connected (e.g. for debugging purposes), it is important to remember not to connect the TXD pin of this terminal at all. The baud rate of the external terminal must be set to 4800.


  • Programming of the Sonoff Pow R2 controller

  • The programming of the controller must take place when the device is powered from the RS232 line - DO NOT CONNECT THE 230V VOLTAGE.
  • Entering the controller in the programming state is carried out by holding down the button when switching on the device (eg from the RS232 link). Remember to power the system from 3.3V (not 5V)
  • After downloading of the firmware to the Sonoff device it gives its SSID named "SUPLA-ESP8266-......" to its local network as a router WI-FI.
  • One should connect to the given WI-FI network without password and then open in an internet explorer the website available at the address:

  • One should enter:

  • parameters of the Wi-Fi network to which Sonoff will be connect - (mandatory param.)
  • Supla server address - (mandatory param.)
  • Zabbix server address( domain address) - (optional param.)
  • Host name, where the device is registered on the Zabbix server - ( mandatory parameter if the Zabbix server address is given)

  • After pressing "Save" the device should be restarted. The device should connect automatically to Wi-Fi network (at that time the blue LED will be on permanently)

    Download free version of Sonoff-POW-R2 firmware

    Sonoff-Th16 firmware for SUPLA and Zabbix Systems

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