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Technical Information about
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Technical Information
 Fixing ConsoleOne Refresh Problems

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Posted: 13 Apr 2005


Like many other people, I have discovered that ConsoleOne doesn't refresh properly when viewed over a PCAnywhere connection. I have seen many suggestions to resolve this issue by changing the video compatability mode of PCanywhere, but this did not work for me.


A little delving into Java issues on Sun's website led me to discover that turning off Microsoft's DirectDraw will fix the problem.

Here are the steps to follow.

  2. Expand CurrentControlSetControlGrap*hicsDriversDCI.
  3. Open the DCI folder, which contains a binary value called Timeout.
  4. Change the Timeout value to zero.



Additionally, I found that many screensavers can cause graphics corruption when ConsoleOne resumes. Turning off DirectDraw also resolves that issue.

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