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Technical Information about
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Technical Information
 File Hung Open? Here's how to Close It

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Posted: 6 Apr 2005

PROBLEM: File Hung Open. Cannot clear the connection without restarting the server or dismounting the volume. Here's how I solved it.

Use the NRM (NetWare Remote Manager) web page to have the operating system close the file.

  1. Go to HTTP://<server address>:8008
  2. Select volumes.
  3. Select the Information button next to the volume with the file that is hung open.
  4. Select the open files button.
  5. Scroll down till you see the user's connection number.
  6. You should see the file that is hung -- select the hung file.
  7. At the bottom of the file you will see the option to close the file --select this option.
  8. The file will be forced closed by the operating system.

I have done this several times with success each time.

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