Using iFolder to Synchronize Firefox Bookmarks

Posted: 9 Mar 2005

You can place your Firefox bookmarks in iFolder so your browser(s) at work, at home and on your laptop will all have the same ones, and any changes you make in one will show up in all of them.

First, locate your Profile folder for Firefox Browser. You can find your Firefox profile folder in:
C:Documents and SettingsYOURNAMEApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesdefault.aru

  1. Copy the file bookmarks.htm to your iFolder. I have mine in my iFolder under My DocumentsFirefox
  2. Create a file in your profile folder called user.js (This file does not exist by default.)
  3. In the user.js file, place the following (use Notepad to edit):

    // Specify which bookmarks file to use:
    user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My
    Documents\iFolder\YOURNAME\Home\My Documents\Firefox\bookmarks.html");

Notice the double "\" for Windows.

YOURNAME is whatever Windows assigns to you. I login to my work system as "sazhadi" but my home PC is "sean", so you need to adjust this accordingly for each PC's user.js

Now, any changes in the bookmark area of Firefox will be reflected on all other PCs using iFolder, since they all share the same file.

Bit of Caution Needed

Firefox seems to load the Bookmarks.htm in memory when loaded. Upon exit, whether any changes were made to the bookmark or not, it will do the following:

1 * Copies the Bookmarks.htm to Bookmarks.BAK
2 * Overwrites the file Bookmarks.htm

This is a bit annoying since there were no changes made to the Bookmarks. Nonetheless, use caution when using this feature on more than 1 PC at once. If PC-1 has Firefox loaded already, and PC-2 loads Firefox, makes changes to Bookmarks and exists, then PC-1 exits, the File will be what PC-1 initially remembered it to be and may overwrite the changes.

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