Sticky Notes for Gnome

Posted: 16 Mar 2005

Call me quirky, but personally, I really don't like paper all that much. When I'm on my computer and am required to write something down quickly, I like using my computer as my scratch tablet.

For a long time I used a program called gedit, but it took too much time to load and I usually missed the information given me to remember.

When I tried to find a more suitable application, it didn't take long for a program called Sticky Notes to surface.

Sticky Notes is an applet that can be configured to load and run harmlessly and practically un-noticed in the background until needed, and can be instantly loaded when you need to jot something down quickly.

Loading Sticky Notes

To begin, right click anywhere on an un-used portion of your top toolbar and follow Add to Panel -> Accessories -> Sticky Notes

When you click, you'll see a little yellow note-pad icon appear on your top toolbar.

Using Sticky Notes

To start using Sticky Notes, simply left-click on the note-pad icon, and you'll instantly see a window pop open which is ready for typing.

Some reasons I love this program are:
  1. It's amazingly fast. When you need to type information instantly, this program can be faster than grabbing your pen and paper nearby. Simply click and type.
  2. The "notes" are accessible through all desktops. It's great when you want to leave notes for another user. When they start up the system and log in (assuming they use the same username / password) the notes automatically pop up.
  3. The notes aren't erased when the system shuts down. When it starts up, the notes stay in the same position where they were when the system was shut down.
  4. The note automatically expands to fit as you type. No un-necessary scrolling.
  5. They work just the same as the normal post-it notes. They're there until you don't need them anymore. Easily moveable, resizeable, lockable, deletable.
To preserve information, you can make your note un-editable by simply right clicking on the title of the note and selecting Lock Note.

This doesn't mean the note is un-deleteable, it just means the note cannot be changed.

When a note is no longer needed, simply click on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner to close it. Very easy. Very intuitive.

Sticky Notes is a great program for entering temporary information which needs to be accessed quickly and easily.

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