Resizing Your Gnome / KDE Panels

20 Jan 2005


If you're anything like me, one of the first things you notice when you load up KDE is the bottom main tool-bar. The default settings for it are way too big!

Let's make it a bit smaller, shall we?

Start by right-clicking somewhere on the main toolbar (the space where you right-click has to be empty - like where the red-circle is, for example.)

navigate to Size and then select which ever setting suits your tastes. KDE defaults to Large.

And we're done! In KDE, that's pretty much it.


In Gnome it's a bit different, but not by much. You simply right-click anywhere on the toolbar you wish to resize. (in the image below, the area inside the red circle would be a great place to right-click)

And then click on the properties item.

Inside the properties, there is a size field with a range of 12 to 120. As you increase or decrease the numbers, you should see the appropriate toolbar increase or decrease in size.

Simply choose a setting that suits you best, and you're done.

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