Add Novell Support to Your Firefox Search Engine

Posted: 8 Aug 2005

Most of us network administrators, systems engineers and network managers are searching for answers all the time. When we are searching for general information, a Google, Yahoo or other search engine might be just the trick. When we need support information on Novell products, of course, we will want to hit the Novell support site, and launch our search from there. Wouldn't it be nice to shortcut that with a built-in link to the Novell search engine in our Web browser?

Many of us are using the Mozilla Firefox browser for its enhanced features (and its fewer security risks than some – ahem – other browsers). If so, then it's a snap to add the Novell Support, Novell Documentation, or a zillion other search engines to our favorite list to be able to search directly from the Firefox Web Search bar.

Here are the steps: in Firefox, click the down arrow on the Web Search bar to show the drop-down menu, and select Add Engines.

This takes you to the Mozilla site where you can select from hundreds of different Web search engines to integrate into Firefox. Under "Add New Search Engines", click on the link entitled "Find lots of other search engines...", and then under the category link "Computer", and then scroll down to the Novell items and select the search engine plugin that you want:

This will produce a confirmation prompt, to verify your selection, like this:

Actually, all that happens is that two files are written to Mozilla's search plugin folder (such as C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins), in this case, NovellSupport.src and NovellSupport.gif (the icon). If you decide to remove any Firefox search plugins, just delete the corresponding files in this folder, and restart Firefox.

Now you will notice that the search plugin you added is available in the Firefox Search Bar:

This makes it really quick and easy to perform all your keyword searches on the Novell Support site. Happy searching!

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