Mounting NetWare Volumes On NLD Illustrated

Posted: 27 Jun 2005


Nowadays heterogeneous networks are common scenario everywhere. And with NLD being placed in between, any user in the network would have necessity of accessing their NetWare servers for one or the other need. Using built in command ncpmount any user can mount NetWare Volumes on NLD. The cool solution is intended to explain mounting NetWare Volumes on NLD.


Following steps explains the details of mounting NetWare Volumes on NLD using ncpmount.

  1. Create a folder where the NetWare Volume has to be mounted.

Ex: Create a folder /home/abc

  1. Open a terminal and type the following command:

ncpmount -S servername -A Server-IPaddress/DNS-name -U username -P password -V volume/path /home/urfoldername

NOTE: The -P is optional. If it is not specified, then you will be prompted for the password.

Ex : ncpmount -A -S -V sys -U admin /home/abc/

Figure:- Execution of 'ncpmount' command on Terminal to map to NetWare server

  1. To unmount the NetWare Volume do the following at the terminal

usage: ncpumount mount-point

Ex: ncpumount /home/abc

Figure:- Execution of 'ncpumount' command at the Terminal to disconnect the mapped server

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