Enabling an Interactive Startup in Novell/SUSE LINUX

Posted: 21 Jun 2005

Applies To:

  • Novell Linux Desktop
  • SUSE LINUX Professional
  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
  • Open Enterprise Server
Buried in /etc/sysconfig/boot are several options which make it easier to monitor what is going on as your Linux system boots. Open /etc/sysconfig/boot in your favorite text editor, or access the YaST editor by going to System -> /etc/sysconfig Editor then by expanding System -> Boot.

There are two options which work together to create an interactive startup:


To enable an interactive startup, change PROMPT_FOR_CONFIRM to "yes".

This will cause the system to ask whether to enter interactive startup when booting. If interactive startup is selected, you will be prompted to confirm the start of each service.

The option CONFIRM_PROMPT_TIMEOUT is the number of seconds before performing the default action. Another great option is:


If set to "yes", the system will still boot like normal.

However, pressing Ctrl-S will temporarily pause the startup (lighting the Scroll Lock LED to indicate the startup is paused), and Ctrl-Q will resume the startup.

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