iPrint Printers on Novell Linux Desktop

Posted: 25 May 2005


Unable to install an iPrint printer on Novell Linux Desktop. It works fine on Windows 2000 and XP and does not ask for a login.

A login box appears when trying to install iPrint on the Novell Linux Desktop. It does not matter what username/password combination you use you can not get past this box.

In the var/log/cups/error_log file you will see the following messages:

  • Unable to open /etc/cups/passwd.md5 - No such file or directory
  • IsAuthorized: No matching user:group for "root"


The CUPS printing service has more security and wants a login on the local machine even if the printer is avaialable to anyone. CUPS accesses a different password file on the local machine from the one used to authenticate users. It does not exist and you need to create it.

  1. Log out of NLD as the user and log back in as root.
  2. Open a terminal session
  3. Enter this command: lppasswd -g sys -a root
  4. Enter and confirm the password

You're now ready to go. Note that with the command in step 3 the -g sys adds the sys group and the -a adds the root. You could use another user here. Watch for the password criteria, it may be different than the criteria used for the user passwords. It will not be accepted until you give it what it wants.

I have not tested this with non iPrint printers and CUPS but I'm thinking you will likely have the same issue.

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