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SUSE Linux 10.1

Applications  4.12 MB
  April 07,2006
This guide features a selection of the most important tools offered by your SUSE Linux. Learn which applications to pick for office tasks, browsing the Internet, enjoying your image or multimedia collections, and much more.
Applying Patches to SUSE Linux  214.66 KB
  SUSE Linux comes with the graphical tools Software Updater, and YaST Online Update and the command line tool rug that assist you in getting and installing security updates and keeping your system up-to-date. Software Updater and rug are front-ends for the ZENworks Management Daemon (zmd).   downloads:2200
Novell AppArmor 2.0 Administration Guide  2.43 MB
  April 07,2006
Novell AppArmor is designed to provide easy-to-use application security for both servers and workstations. Novell AppArmor is an access control system that lets you specify per program which files the program may read, write, and execute. AppArmor secures applications by enforcing good application behavior without relying on attack signatures, so can prevent attacks even if they are exploiting previously unknown vul- nerabilities.
Reference  6.43 MB
  April 07,2006
This manual gives you a general understanding of SUSE Linux. It is intended mainly for system administrators and home users with basic system administration knowledge. This manual presents a selection of applications needed in everyday life and provides in-depth desciptions of advanced installation and configuration scenarios.
Start-Up  3.32 MB
  April 07,2006
This guide will see you through your initial contact with SUSE Linux. Whether you are a first time user or an experienced administrator, check out the various parts of this manual to learn how to use and enjoy your SUSE Linux system.
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