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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

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Harness the Power of Virtualization for Server Consolidation  162.21 KB
  Xen-based Virtualization with SUSE Linux Enterprise on AMD Processors with AMD Virtualization. Technical White Paper (pdf).   downloads:2496
Introduction to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10  97.14 KB
  Introduction to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 - Technical White Paper. (pdf)  downloads:8800
Novell Customer Center Guide  957.20 KB
  August 13, 2006
This manual is designed to introduce you to the main features of Novell Customer Center and show you how to configure it to meet your personal needs and preferences.
Optimizing Linux for Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors  357.19 KB
  Technical White Paper
Dual Core technologies are the latest evolution in processor design. Novell enterprise products are ready to take advantage of the state of the art AMD64 dual-core technology. Read this white paper to learn how to optimize your Linux applications with SUSE Linux on the AMD Opteron platform.
SLES 10 - Architecture-Specific Information (IBM eServer)  463.04 KB
  August 04,2006
This manual provides information about the hardware and software requirements for successfully installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on your system, necessary steps on i5/OS, and the preparation of the eServer i5/p5 firmware, pSeries, JS20/JS21 Blades, and iSeries.
SLES 10 - Architecture-Specific Information (IBM System z)  557.55 KB
  August 04,2006
This book describes the procedure for preparing the installation of SUSE® Linux En- terprise Server on IBM System z systems. It provides all information needed to prepare the installation on the LPAR and z/VM side.
SLES 10 - Architecture-Specific Information (X86)  259.74 KB
  August 04,2006
This manual describes the steps necessary to prepare for the installation of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server on x86, AMD64, Intel EM64T, and Itanium computers.
SLES 10 - Installation and Administration  9.09 MB
  August 04,2006
This guide is intended for use by professional network and system administrators during the actual planning, deployment, configuration, and operation of SUSE® Linux Enterprise.
SLES 10 - Start-Up Guide  264.18 KB
  June 12,2006
This short manual offers a quick introduction to the installation of your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It features an overview of the various fields of application and instal- lation types of each of the platforms supported by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as well as a short description of the installation procedure.
  August 15,2006
This guide provides information about how to manage storage devices on a SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server with the Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS).
SLES 10: Virtualization with Xen and Use Cases  1.32 MB
  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Virtualization with Xen and Use Cases - Technical White Paper (pdf).   downloads:2163
SLES10 High Availability Storage Foundation  834.20 KB
  Technical White Paper
The documentation requirements accompanying recent compliance regulations force companies to continually increase their data storage.
SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Systems Management  1.41 MB
  Technical White Paper
Taking Full Advantage of Your Operating System
SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time  104.38 KB
  Technical White Paper
Accurate and Predictable Quality of Service for Time-critical Applications
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 - Analiza produktu  316.16 KB
  Pakiet SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 jest now¬Ī wersj¬Ī najbardziej zaawansowanego na ¬∂wiecie serwera z systemem Linux*, w kt√≥rej wprowadzono ponad 1500 udoskonale√Ī, nowo¬∂ci i aktualizacji.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to serwer dostosowany do wymaga√Ī instytucji i przedsi√™biorstw, przeznaczony do obs¬≥ugi oprogramowania o znaczeniu krytycznym, dzia¬≥aj¬Īcego zwykle w centrum przetwarzania danych.
Virtualization in the Data Center  1.37 MB
  Virtualization in the Data Center - Technical White Paper (pdf).   downloads:2146
  August 07, 20006
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Xen* hypervisor software combine to deliver Xen VM Server, a server platform that can host virtual machines. A virtual machine (VM) is an environment which appears to its “guest” operating system as actual computer hardware but is actually simulated by a “host” computer running Xen VM Server.
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