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GroupWise 7 for NetWare and Linux

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Administration Guide  17.26 MB
  June 15, 2006
This Novell® GroupWise® 7 Administration Guide helps you maintain all components of your GroupWise system. (pdf)
GroupWise 7 Support Pack 1  629.20 KB
  June 15, 2006
GroupWise® 7 Support Pack 1 provides enhancements for both administrators and end users. (pdf)
GroupWise Client Frequently Asked Questions  437.03 KB
  August 15, 2005
This Novell® GroupWise® 7 Client Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is intended to help GroupWise client users who have not found the information they need in the GroupWise client online help or User Guides. (pdf)
GWSkype for GroupWise.  2.16 MB
  Integrates Skype with GroupWise Client exposing ALL Skype functionality in the GW Client.   downloads:2344
Installation Guide  4.49 MB
  June 15, 2006
This Novell® GroupWise® 7 Installation Guide helps you install a new GroupWise system or update an existing GroupWise 5.x/6.x system. The guide is intended for network administrators who install and administer GroupWise. (pdf)
Quick Start  157.67 KB
  This Quick Start provides a high-level roadmap for novice GroupWise installers and a concise checklist of essentials for experienced GroupWise installers. (pdf)  downloads:2790
SkypeWise (FreeWare)  2.40 MB
  Integrates Skype and GroupWise (Licence FreeWare).
This plug-in brings all your Skype and GroupWise contacts together in one handy place. That means you will be able to call Skype contacts who email you. You will also be able to call the Sender of received emails, see when your contacts are online, start instant message conversations to follow up emails.
The Skype plug-in works with GroupWise 5.5 onwards, including the latest GroupWise 7.
This evaluation will run for 30 days, in order to continue using this product after the 30 day period you will need to register this free version within the evaluation time frame.
Troubleshooting 1: Error Messages  2.72 MB
  June 15, 2006
This Novell® GroupWise® 7 Troubleshooting 1 Guide guide covers error messages that appear in ConsoleOne®, GroupWise agents, and GroupWise clients, along with possible causes and suggested actions to resolve the problem. (pdf)
Troubleshooting 2: Solutions to Common Problems  1.17 MB
  June 15,2006
This Novell® GroupWise® Troubleshooting 2 Guide provides troubleshooting strategies for GroupWise problems that can occur with GroupWise clients, GroupWise agents, message delivery, and ConsoleOne®. (pdf)
Troubleshooting 3: Message Flow and Directory Structure  2.48 MB
  August 15, 2005
This Novell® GroupWise® Troubleshooting 3 Guide provides diagrams to help you understand the structure and functioning of your GroupWise system. (pdf)
Webaccess Client User Guide  1.31 MB
  August 15, 2005
This Novell® GroupWise® 7.0 WebAccess Client User Guide explains how to use the GroupWise WebAccess client. (pdf)
Windows Client User Guide  9.50 MB
  August 15, 2005
This Novell® GroupWise® 7 Windows Client User Guide explains how to use the GroupWise Windows* client. (pdf)
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