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Linux Open Enterprise Server

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Activation Quick Start Guide  948.81 KB
  This quick start guide is designed to give you an easy reference to the Open Enterprise Server activation. It describes how to download and register teh Open Enterprise Server licenses, download your certificate. (pdf)  downloads:2321
Apache Web Server for NetWare Administration Guide for OES  1.83 MB
  This guide describes how to install, configure, and manage the Apache Web server using Apache Manager on Open Enterprise Server (OES) NetWare®. It is intended for Web or network administrators who install, configure, and manage the Apache Web server on NetWare (not Linux). (pdf)  downloads:3428
Certificate Server 2.7.x Administration Guide  1012.32 KB
  September 22, 2005
Novell® Certificate ServerTM provides public key cryptography services that are natively integrated into eDirectory® and that allow you to mint, issue, and manage both user and server certificates. These services allow you to protect confidential data transmissions over public communications channels such as the Internet.
This guide describes the functionality of Novell Certificate Server, how to set it up, and how to manage it. This book also provides some basic information about how public key cryptography works. (pdf)
Cluster Services Vers. 1.8.1 for Linux  820.45 KB
  August 19, 2005
Before running any application on servers in a Novell® Cluster ServicesTM cluster, the application must be installed and configured properly to take advantage of shared storage and to achieve high availability. This document provides information to help you set up and configure some of the applications and services commonly used in an OES Linux environment. See the Novell Cluster Administration Guide for Linux for cluster installation and configuration instructions, and see your application documentation for specific application installation and setup instructions. (pdf)
Cluster Services 1.8.2 Administration Guide for Linux  789.44 KB
  March 2006
This guide describes how to install, upgrade, configure, and manage Novell® Cluster ServicesTM. (pdf)
Coexistence and Migration Guide  612.92 KB
  December 23, 2005
This guide discusses coexistence and migration issues when dealing with Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) Support Pack 2 for the NetWare® 6.5 and SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 platforms. (pdf)
eDirectory 8.7.3 Administration Guide  5.84 MB
  August 19, 2005
This guide describes how to manage and configure Novell eDirectory 8.7.3. This guide is intended for network administrators. (pdf)
File Systems Management Guide for OES  1.05 MB
  November 1, 2005
This documentation describes how to secure and configure directories and files for Novell® Open Enterprise Server. It discusses file system management issues, such as file system trustees, trustee rights, inherited rights filters, and directory and file attributes, for the Novell Storage ServicesTM (NSS) File System on Linux* and NetWare® and for the NetWare Traditional File System. (pdf)
Health Monitoring Services Administration Guide  1.31 MB
  November 1, 2005
This guide gives an overview of Health Monitoring Services provided in Open Enterprise Server and describes how to access and use the Health Monitoring Services plug-in provided in iManager and how to set up other servers for monitoring. (pdf)
iFolder  1.74 MB
  December 23, 2005
This guide describes how to install, configure, and manage the Novell® iFolder® 3.x enterprise server, the iFolder 3.x Web Access server, and the iFolderTM Client. (pdf)
iManager 2.5 Administration Guide  945.30 KB
  March 15, 2006
This guide describes how to administer Novell® iManager 2.5. It is intended for network administrators. (pdf)
iManager 2.5 Installation Guide  490.37 KB
  March 15, 2006
This guide describes how to install Novell® iManager 2.5. It is intended for network administrators. (pdf)
Installation Guide for Linux (OES)  2.34 MB
  May 8, 2006
Use this guide for help with installing and configuring OES for Linux. (pdf)
Installing and Using the iFolder Client  188.76 KB
  Octobe 4, 2004
Novell iFolder is a Net services software solution that allows your files to automatically follow you everywhere—online, offline, all the time—across multiple workstations and the Net. It no longer matters where you are; iFolder securely synchronizes any local files that you’ve placed in your iFolder directory across all your workstations and the iFolder server. All you need is an active Internet or network connection and the iFolder client or a Web browser. (pdf)
iPrint Administration Guide for Linux  1.44 MB
  March 31, 2006
This guide describes how to install, configure, and customize Novell® iPrint on Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux. (pdf)
iPrint Manager Health Monitor for Linux Administration Guide  1.13 MB
  November 1, 2005
This guide describes how to monitor and manage your print system using the iPrint Print Manager Health Monitor in a Novell® Open Enterprise Services for Linux deployment of iPrint and is designed for adminstrators with a strong understanding of iPrint and its concepts. (pdf)
Lab Guide for OES SP2 Linux  1.30 MB
  December 23, 2005
Most organizations test new products in a lab setting prior to making them available for general use. This guide is designed to help you set up a Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) server in a lab environment using a specific and simplified configuration. The configuration is limited in scope and is meant only to acquaint you with OES and provide exposure to the Novell products it contains. (pdf)
Linux Tips for NetWare Administrators  430.41 KB
  March 30, 2006
This guide is designed to help network administrators understand some of the similarities and differences between NetWare and Linux, and to begin working with OES Linux. (pdf)
Linux User Management Technology Guide  784.96 KB
  April 24, 2006
This guide explains and describes how to use Novell® Linux User Management (LUM), a directory-enabled application that simplifies and unifies the management of user profiles on Linux*-based platforms. It leverages all the scalability, utility, and extensibility of Novell eDirectoryTM and adds crucial integration capability. With LUM, you can eliminate many of the complexities of administering a mixed-platform network while smoothing over compatibility issues. (pdf)
NCP Server for Linux Administrator Guide  337.57 KB
  December 23, 2005
This guide includes information on Novell® NCPTM Server Services for Linux, which enables users to access data on a Linux server using the same methods as they do on a NetWare server using Novell ClientTM software. (pdf)
Netstorage Administration Guide for Linux  488.59 KB
  April 2006
This guide includes information on Novell® NetStorage, which provides secure Internet-based access to files and folders on a Linux* server in your network using either a browser or Microsoft* Web Folders. (pdf)
Network Time Protocol Administration Guide.  1.06 MB
  This guide describes the time synchronization service based on RFC 1305. Time synchronization uses Network Time Protocol version 3 (NTPv3). This guide is intended to help network administrators configure and use NTPv3. (pdf).  downloads:3759
Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 (PL)  360.81 KB
  Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9. Informacja techniczna.  downloads:9813
OpenWBEM Services Administration Guide for OES  446.11 KB
  December 23, 2005
This guide gives an overview of OpenWBEM services and Common Information Model (CIM) technologies included with Open Enterprise Server (OES) and how they relate. It also describes how to implement these services in your network and configure the OpenWBEM Common Information Model Object Manager (CIMOM) on an Open Enterprise Server running SUSE LINUX or NetWare®. (pdf)
Przewodnik aktualizacji (upgrade) ze starszych wersji NetWare  482.83 KB
  Novell® Open Enterprise Server jest wydajnym po?┬▒czeniem produkt├│w i technologii dzia?aj┬▒cych na j┬▒drach dw├│ch platform: NetWare® oraz SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 9. (pdf)  downloads:1843
QuickFinder Server Administration Guide  2.40 MB
  December 23, 2005
This guide describes how to use QuickFinder™ Server (formerly known as NetWare® Web Search Server) to add search functionality to your Internet or intranet Web site. (pdf)
Remote Manager Administration Guide for Linux  1.53 MB
  December 23, 2005
This guide describes how to access and use Novell® Remote Manager on a host that is running the Linux operating system. (pdf)
SBCON Administration Guide  667.13 KB
  October 25, 2005
This guide describes how to use the SBCON utility as the storage management engine (SME) for NetWare® and SLES. (pdf)
SP2 Planning and Implementation Guide  3.15 MB
  May 5, 2006
This guide
• Describes Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) software.
• Provides planning and implementation instructions for each OES service.
• Focuses on getting started with the file services, print services, etc., in OES.
It doesn’t contain detailed information about configuring and maintaining OES services, but it does contain helpful links to other service-specific administration guides and documentation. (pdf).
Storage and File Services Overview  681.67 KB
  November 1, 2005
This guide discusses storage and file services solutions available in Novell® Open Enterprise Server. (pdf)
Storage Management Services Administration Guide  680.94 KB
  December 23, 2005
This guide describes how to use Storage Management ServicesTM (SMS) for OES. (pdf)
Storage Services File System Administration Guide for OES  5.01 MB
  April 12, 2006
This documentation describes how to use Novell® Storage ServicesTM File System (NSS) to configure, activate, and maintain large volumes and numerous files without disrupting the work of users. Unless otherwise specified, the information in this guide applies to NSS on both NetWare® and Linux*. (pdf)
User Guide for Novell iFolder 3.0  992.68 KB
  August 19, 2005
This guide describes how to install and use the iFolderTM client in combination with a Novell® iFolder® 3.x enterprise server and Web Access server. (pdf)
Virtual Office Configuration Guide  628.85 KB
  September 29, 2005
This guide introduces Novell® Virtual Office and explains the different components available to set up and use your Virtual Office workstation. Instructions on how to use the Virtual Office components are available through the software's online help. (pdf)
Web and Application Services Overview  709.65 KB
  November 1, 2005
This guide introduces you to Web and application services, and explains how you can begin using them to meet the demands of your business. It is intended for Web or network administrators who install and manage Web site content and applications. Developers who write Web-based applications to run in the OES environment might also find the information in this overview helpful. (pdf)
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