This book guides you from the initial installation of your SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server through to full configuration of your system and complex administration tasks. It contains, in compressed form, descriptions of the installation and administration tasks for all hardware platforms supported by SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server.

[Important]Preparing for Installation

Detailed information about how to prepare your hardware platform can be found in the Architecture-Specific Information manual, which is located in the preparation.pdf file contained in the /docu directory of the first CD that comes with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server.

1. Organization of the Manual

This manual is divided into four main subject areas:


Follow this part from the first installation dialog through to the ready configured system. It also tells you how to use the various SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server installation types, how to configure installation sources, and how to update individual software packages or the overall operating system.


This part provides detailed information about the organization of your Linux system and how it works, how to distinguish between the 32-(31-)bit and 64-bit worlds, and how to configure a graphical interface and a print infrastructure.


This part covers the main server services on your system and their configuration with YaST. This is followed by information about security, firewalls, CA administration, VPN configuration, and authentication procedures.


Finally, this part contains information about the use of file system ACLs and a chapter about the various system monitoring programs under Linux.

The appendix provides a summary of the most important sources of information on Linux.