22.2. Setting up the HTTP Server with YaST

Apache 2 can easily be set up with the help of YaST, but some knowledge about the subject is needed to set up a web server this way. After selecting Network Services+HTTP Server in the YaST control center, you may be prompted for the installation of some packages that are still missing. As soon as everything is installed, YaST displays the configuration dialog.

In this dialog, first enable the HTTP service itself, which requires setting the following three options: Server Name, Server Administrator E-Mail, and Listen on. The last option is already set to the default of port 80. You can then use Add to set further options. Selecting Edit enables changing the value of the highlighted option. Selecting Delete allows removing it completely.

With Advanced, view the logs (Show Access Log and Show Error Log) or specify the Server Modules to load. The latter opens a dialog in which to enable or disable modules by selecting Toggle Status and add modules by selecting Add Module.