Chapter 6.  System Repair

Table of Contents

6.1. Starting YaST System Repair
6.2. Automatic Repair
6.3. User-Defined Repair
6.4. Expert Tools
6.5. S/390, zSeries: Using initrd as a Rescue System


In addition to numerous YaST modules for system installation and configuration, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server also offers a feature for repairing the installed system. This chapter describes the various types and steps of system repair.

6.1. Starting YaST System Repair

Because it cannot be assumed that a damaged system can boot by itself and a running system cannot be easily repaired, the YaST System Repair utility is run from the SUSE LINUX installation CD or DVD. Follow the steps outlined in Chapter 1. Installation with YaST to get to the dialog offering the various installation options then select Repair Installed System. See Figure 6.1. “Selecting the YaST System Repair Utility”.

[Important]Using the Appropriate Installation Medium

Because the test and repair procedure is loaded from CD or DVD, it is essential to run it from an installation medium that exactly corresponds to your installed version of SUSE LINUX.

Figure 6.1. Selecting the YaST System Repair Utility

Selecting the YaST System Repair Utility

In the next step, choose how the system repair should be performed. Automatic repair, custom repair, and expert tools are available and are described below.