A.3. Man Pages and Info Pages

A man page (manual page) is a help text for a command, system call, file format, or similar item. A man page is normally divided into various sections, such as name, syntax, description, options, and files.

To display a man page, enter man followed by the name of the command, as in man ls, which shows a help text for the ls command. Use the cursor keys to move the visible area. Q exits man. To print a man page (for example for the command ls), enter a command like card ls For more help for the card (package a2ps) command, use the --help option.

Some documentation is also available in info format, for example, for grep. Access it with info grep.

Info pages are more detailed than man pages. They are divided into different nodes — pages that can be read with an info reader, which works much like a web browser. Use P (previous page) and N (next page) to navigate in an info page. Q exits info. Other keys are listed in the info documentation (info info).

Both man pages and info pages can be read in Konqueror. Enter man:command or info:command in the URL line to open the desired documentation.