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Single Login Solutions with Novell SecureLogin

Features and Benefits

Plagued by password administration problems? With too many passwords to manage, your users either write them down or repeatedly contact the helpdesk for assistance. Novell Secure Login provides users with fast and easy access to corporate resources and eliminates the hassles and costs associated with password-reset helpdesk calls.


Novell SecureLogin includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Provides single login to thousands of applications, such as those for Web pages, Windows applications, Java applications and terminal emulators
  • Runs on Novell eDirectory, Active Directory, Microsoft ADAM Directory and other LDAP v3 directories
  • Runs on standalone mode
  • Centralizes administration
  • Uses AES encryption
  • Supports Swing and AWT-based Java applications and applets
  • Works with multiple clients and pure LDAP
  • Locks workstations, closes applications and logs out users based on policy
  • Supports advanced authentication
  • Enforces policies on eDirectory LDAP passwords
  • Enables fast, event-driven login/logout
  • Integration for smart cards


Novell SecureLogin is a highly effective solution for reducing helpdesk operational costs and increasing user productivity. It provides costs savings to organizations by dramatically reducing the time required for users to log into their applications, resulting in efficient and productive user of time that might otherwise be spent remembering, finding and entering passwords. By deploying Novell SecureLogin, your organization can:

  • Dramatically increase security
  • Login to systems faster and more easily
  • Reduce helpdesk workload
  • Centralize administration
  • Comply with legislation for e-business
  • Realize a rapid return on investment
  • Integrate smart cards

A key component of the Novell Security and Identity solution family, Novell SecureLogin streamlines password management. Ensure the integrity of your enterprise network security with the recognized leader in client-based single sign-on software. Novell SecureLogin will enhance network security, improve employee productivity and build a path to legislative compliance. Centralized user administration and simplified credential management mean your enterprise benefits from reduced administration costs and a healthy return on investment.

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