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Novell iFolder

Features and Benefits

In the mobile world of today's Internet economy, it can be difficult to manage all of the files you have stored on various computers. For example, when you are working on a document, you might end up with different versions saved on your office computer, laptop and home computer. At best, keeping track of the most current version can be confusing and, all too often, you find that you don't have access to the latest version of the file you need, when you need it. On top of that, chances are you're not backing up the local data on your hard drives. If you experience a system failure or your hard drive should crash, all your files may be lost or you may have to revert to a very old version of your important files. This is not the case with Novell iFolder* 2.1

An important component of Novell networking and storage solutions, Novell iFolder is the solution for mobile professionals that allows your files to automatically follow you everywhere - online and offline - across multiple systems and the Net. Novell iFolder also provides worry-free security, ensuring that your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, any change you make to a Novell iFolder file is automatically and intelligently updated to your company's Novell iFolder server and your other computers through your Internet connection. As a result, Novell iFolder enables your files to be as mobile as you are: you can even access them through any standard Web browser.


  • Increased user productivity and efficiency
  • Automatic back up of local files as part of an integrated disaster-recovery plan
  • Reliable security that safeguards data assets
  • Global access to personal files through any Internet-connected desktop, laptop or handheld device
  • Reduced administrative tasks and costs
  • Enhanced file management for end users
  • Powers Hewlett-Packard (HP) Digital Asset Protection (DAP) Solutions

Novell iFolder automatically backs up files stored on all of your workstations and securely stores them on the network. This automated back up protects the corporation's digital assets that reside on local machines. Analysts estimate that up to 80 percent of an organization's business-critical data resides on local machines and that 94 percent of local machines are not backed up. With Novell iFolder you can rest assured that your files are always available and that you are protected against losing data permanently when portable files are lost or if one of your systems crashes.

Furthermore, Novell iFolder enables you to access the files you need, whenever you need them, allowing you to be instantly productive, wherever you are. Novell iFolder eliminates the need to search for the latest version, e-mail files back and forth to yourself or have a copy of the file with you at all times. Novell iFolder also accelerates work processes by only transmitting the changes made to a file, not the entire file. Because only the changes you last made to the file are sent over the Internet, the time you spend waiting is reduced from minutes to mere seconds.


  • Transparent and intelligent file updates
  • Automatic back up of local files
  • Increased bandwidth efficiency
  • Convenient file access from anywhere through a standard Web browser
  • Secure file encryption and protection via pass-phrase identification
  • Support for Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95 client platforms
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Scales to support thousands of users
  • Browser-based server administration from any location
  • Multiserver clustering support

Novell iFolder simplifies the process of setting up and managing files for both end users and IT administrators. For end users, Novell iFolder takes care of file-management tasks, including automatic file updates, synchronization and encryption. For IT administrators, Novell iFolder captures local files that people traditionally were not saving to the network.

For an additional, in-depth look at iFolder features, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Figure 1: Novell iFolder provides universal file access, anywhere and anytime.

iFolder provides universal file access, anywhere and anytime.

Here's how Novell iFolder can work for you:

  1. Just download the Novell iFolder client software onto every Windows-based computer you regularly use. This will set up a Novell iFolder directory on your local drive.
  2. Save or update any files to this local directory. Files are automatically delivered to the Novell iFolder server and then pushed to your other machines.
  3. If you don't have access to one of your primary machines, you can get access to your files from any Internet browser. Just visit your company's Novell iFolder Web site, enter your ID, password and pass phrase, and you have access to all your files. (The pass phrase enables the encryption of your files.)

Novell iFolder uses 128-bit encryption to protect personal files that are sent over the Internet or stored on the server. When you save your information, Novell iFolder encrypts your files to keep confidential data out of the hands of unauthorized users. To access your files, you use a pass phrase that only you know, thus ensuring that your files remain secure.

Novell iFolder is available with NetWare* 6 or as a stand-alone product with support for NetWare 5.1/6, Windows NT/2000 and Linux server platforms. Novell iFolder also supports large-scale deployment, which allows you to cluster and operate multiple Novell iFolder servers under a single system. This scalability enables service providers to manage thousands/millions of Novell iFolder users easily and cost-effectively. In addition, Novell iFolder includes reporting features that enable enterprises to track usage and reallocate costs to various departments. Service providers can also use the reporting tools as part of their billing process by tracking use and charging customers accordingly. Finally, Novell iFolder allows you to use any handheld device with an Internet connection and Web browser to access your Novell iFolder from anywhere, at any time.

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