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Novell iChain

Businesses need strong security, particularly if they're connected to the Internet and offer online products and services. Novell iChain is an identity-based security solution that controls access to network resources across technical and organizational boundaries.

A key component of the Novell Security and Identity solution family, Novell iChain includes identity-based Web security services and provides users with secure authentication and access to portals, Web-based content and Citrix* Thin Client services. Using iChain, organizations can simplify and centralize security management, control the use of digital assets across the extended enterprise and get more from investments in e-business applications.


Novell iChain delivers the following features:

  • Reverse-proxy technology that accelerates Web content delivery
  • Multiple authentication methods and password protection
  • Identity-based authorization and content delivery
  • Web single sign-on
  • Centralized security management and administration
  • Support for AIX*, HP-UX, Linux*, NetWare*, Solaris* and Windows* platforms
  • Dynamic data encryption


With Novell iChain, your organization enjoys the following benefits:

  • Precise control over digital assets
  • Unmatched security that safeguards network data
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Accelerated return on e-business-application investments
  • Reduced administration and security costs

iChain secures, simplifies and accelerates your e-business initiatives. Because it leverages the identity information stored in Novell eDirectory-the industry's premier, cross-platform directory service-iChain customizes user access to authorized network resources. iChain also centralizes Web security into a common infrastructure that can be used across your organization.

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